ERR Gear is now available, thanks to Personalize It of Newburgh, NY.
Make a $25 donation and receive a hooded sweatshirt; for a $15 donation a long sleeved tee could be yours, and for a $12 donation, receive a cool short sleeved tee shirt. 2XXL sizes add $2. Shipping is available.
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Looking for a unique and customizable gift for the horse lover on your holiday list? Consider a donation to Equine Rescue Resource Inc. (ERR) that benefits a favorite equine -- horse, pony or donkey -- and makes for a special gift for anyone on your list. Making a donation as a holiday gift is fast and easy by using our PayPal link.

Checks with written requests can be sent to:

Equine Rescue Resource Inc.
PO Box 17
Pine Bush, NY 12566

Please be sure to include the name and mailing address of your recipients! Special requests to sponsor specific rescue animals gladly accepted.

All requests will be sent by regular mail up until December 21st. Gifts arranged after 12 noon on the 21st will be accepted, but consider hand delivery or priority mail.

For hand delivery within the Pine Bush area, or for priority mail shipment, please add an additional $6 to your order.

Horse Auctions

D. R. Chambers & Sons, Inc.
Cattle and Horse Sale Auctions
76 Maple Avenue
Unadilla, NY 13849
(607) 369-8231

The people who own and run the sale are providing a sale facility only. Please treat these people with respect. They have been polite, professional and accommodating.

Horses are consigned to this sale, sold and ship out the same day. These horses do not have the luxury of photographs, promotion and time. They are sold in one day, to kill buyers, horse dealers, private homes, etc.

There were a variety of breeds, ages, genders and colors. The conditions of the horses varied, depending upon the care they received PRIOR to the auction. Sales prices ran $10 through $700 (though the $700 horse was a highly sought after well trained black percheron that had multiple bidders).

We have provided our information to the office, and advised them that if a horse comes in that is unfit for sale and to be turned away, to please call us and we will help. We would like to keep this line open, so please, treat them politely, professionally and with respect.

Next sale is Friday, February 19, 2010.

Tack at 1:00 p.m.
Horses at 6:00 p.m.

If you’ve never attended an auction, it’s best you not go alone. The people there were honest and friendly, but if you do not know how to assess a horse or follow an auctioneer, you may find yourself in a difficult position.

More details to follow.