Success Stories


Jack Frost Jack is a cute grey pony gelding, shetland sized, approximately 4 years old. He lived on a farm raided for operating an illegal slaughter facility. He came to us a feisty stallion with poor manner and hair matted with dirt, feathers and burdocks. He has since learned to lead nicely, pick up his feet and has been castrated and dewormed. Jack would do well in a home that has lots of time to play and continue his socialization.

Xavier Xavier is a handsome little gelding, just shy of 15H and a dark seal bay with a “Z” shaped belly spot. He came to us as an emaciated yearling from a nursemare farm 12 years ago. We rehabilitated him successfully and found him a good home. Due to a change in circumstances, his home has requested that he be re-adopted. Xavier is sound and trained to ride.

Poptart Young 18 -24 month old miniature horse filly, with a black coat and appaloosa mottling around her lips and few white hairs in her coat. Poptart was the last horse at a public horse auction, untrained and frightened, no one would bid on her. We were asked by the auctioneer to take her. She was underweight, wormy and infested with lice. She is slowly trusting people, has gained weight and is ready for a new home with someone who has plenty of time to devote to her.

Bella – 2 year old pony molly mule. Her dam was a skinny pregnant mini mare found roaming the streets of Sullivan County NY. The mare’s adopter returned Bella to us, and we have socialized and halter trained her. Bella spent a few weeks with a family who started her with driving. Adorable but not for young children, beginners or as a livestock guardian. We look forward to furthering her training in spring 2015.

Percy Very handsome black and white paint gelding. He was sold for slaughter in NJ. We were led to believe he was hand walked through the sale ring because the owner did not pay the “rider’s fee”. Most horses walked through, are presumed to be lame or untrained, so usually do not sell well, which ended up being Percy’s situation. He arrived with a note that said “Sound. Not ridden since November”. After quarantine he was to be evaluated under saddle, however, Percy had an adverse reaction to tacking. Dr. Heather O’Leary, an equine chiropractor and veterinarian, was called in. Percy has some back and neck issues,which are being addressed with adjustments, accupuncture, chiropractics, carrot stretches, belly lifts and hand walking over ground poles. At this time, Percy is available for adoption as a companion only.
Percy 2.8.11

Wendy Beautiful and big bodied bay Thoroughbred mare relinquished for rehoming. Extremely sweet girl, she needs weight and farrier. Old abrasions from a collapsed structure have healed. She had a severe case of rainrot, which was treated, but has left her with some scarring. She does have an old knee injury which was evaluated and digitally xrayed by a veterinarian. Wendy can be ridden for trails and flatwork only, no jumping. Wendy is doing well now and is ready to start a new life. She loves attention and would appreciate having a special person of her own. UPDATE: Adopted October 2015
Wendy 12.2011

Pistol Packin Pete Our very special senior donkey was returned, after his best friend passed away, leaving him alone. Pete was our first auction rescue and we welcomed him back with open arms. Everyone who meets Pete absolutely adores him. His incredibly endearing personality quickly gained him a new home with a lovely family and a few equine friends.

Casey Cute bay pony gelding, suitable for companion only. Casey has special needs and requires medication for COPD. He was placed but returned when his breathing worsened. He has been vetted and we will be working on managing his breathing.

Polly Polly is a cute little black miniature mare that was 1 of about 20 minis brought in as a group to auction in May 2015. Hand picked by some 4H youth in attendance, the little mare came to the rescue. She was skinny, wormy, infested with lice, had a significant under bite and appeared pregnant. After her quarantine period, she was adopted.

Lil Miss Persnickety – Pretty 36″ miniature filly, chestnut with light mane and tail, foaled September 2013. Persnickety came to us with Skeeter, and she also is in need of a permanent home. A bit larger than Skeeter, and standard horse fencing recommended.

Dallas – Pretty 5 year old chestnut quarter horse mare. Dallas was seized during an April 2014 cruelty case in Orange/Ulster Counties. She has regained good weight and is now up to date on all routine care, vaccinations and deworming. Dallas requires an experienced home. ADOPTED!