Adoptable Horses

Jasmin - Adopted October 2008


– Reside within 3 driving hours of Pine Bush, Orange County, New York.
– Veterinary, Farrier and Horsemanship references are required.
– Adoptions fees are required.
– Contracts are required.
– Annual updates are required.
– Breeding rescue horses is counterproductive to our cause and not allowed!
– An ERR horse cannot be kept isolated, at least one suitable companion is required.
– Adopters are responsible for providing appropriate year-round shelter, clean water, good quality horse feed, annual vaccinations, dental care, hoof care and deworming.
– Adopters are responsible for providing veterinary care as needed in the event of illness or accident.
– Horses cannot be sold, transferred or given away, they must be returned to E.R.R.

Applicants, please be sure to read the E.R.R. Placement Agreement carefully. This is designed to protect the equine and assure their proper care. Once you have received and accepted our terms, please print, complete and sign the E.R.R. Placement Application and the E.R.R. Placement Agreement . Keep a copy of all documents for your reference and submit the originals, plus a $10 application fee to:

Equine Rescue Resource Inc.
PO Box 17
Pine Bush, NY 12566

Once we review your application and check your references, you will be contacted.

We look forward to meeting you!

Amir and Ellie

ERR Placement Application
Placement Agreement
Foster Care Agreement

Here is a current list of horses in our care, more details to follow:

Bob Bob is a senior 26 y.o. grade quarter horse gelding. Consigned to a horse auction in NJ, he did not sell to a home so was placed in a pen, where he waited to be sold or taken to another auction. Bob was rescued and placed in to quarantine in NJ, where he was treated for streptococcus equi (strangles). Once cleared by a veterinarian, Bob arrived in NY where he has since put on weight and muscle. He is easy to handle, cross tie, good with farrier and veterinarian. He is not a fan of dental care and will require some sedation. Due to a sway back, he is not a good riding horse candidate. He is middle of the herd in turnout with other senior geldings, and would be best suited as a companion horse or for someone who wants a deserving old chap to groom or use to teach basic horse care.

Burrito One of the cutest little donkeys you will ever meet! However, he came to us via a cruelty case in Ulster County with behavioral issues, neglected feet and in need of castration. His veterinary and farrier needs have been met, but he still requires a fair amount of training. We have seen improvement and will continue working with him.

Denali Denali is a 22 year old grey arabian gelding that was owner surrendered. His current situation was no longer suitable and with winter fast approaching, it was in his best interest to come to ERR. The owners did furnish us with a lot of good information and we hope to be able to find him a nice home with a young rider or small adult.

Miracle Miracle is a 9 year old miniature mare. She came to us after being rescued by a good samaritan from the Binghamton area. Miracle was mauled by dogs spring 2016 and lost a fair amount of muscle from her hind legs, requiring surgery and lots of after care. We assisted with the medical bills and she arrived already well on her way to recovery in the fall. She is fine with most dogs, and is good for vet and farrier. She does not appreciate handling of the hind legs, evading contact without kicking. In a herd of 3 miniature mares, she is alpha. With people she is great, and has even gone to an event with us and did well with all of the people attention. She is suitable as a companion only.

Rosalie NOT ADOPTABLE – SPONSORS SOUGHT – Rosalie came to us years ago as an “at large” case and was successfully rehabilitated and adopted. Unfortunately, her adopter suffered life altering illness and lost her farm, leaving Rosalie in need of sheltering. Rosalie is currently in our care and occasionally we transport her to her now wheelchair bound adopter for visits. We hope for a full recovery, so that we can one day reunite them.

Onni Bay Thoroughbred mare relinquished for rehoming, along with Wendy, Chopper and Lucky. Nice mare, who blossomed with a good diet and consistent care. This refined lady, although previously raced, retired sound, has had a lot of let down time and recently received 3 months of training at Twin Spruce Farm, Accord, NY. She is being ridden weekly and doing nicely.
Summer 2015 Onni received additional training in dressage, and was shown in August, winning both of her classes.


Winston Gorgeous chestnut quarter horse gelding. Teenager. 16H, built like a halter horse. He came out of the kill pen, looking like he just left a show barn. He was a direct placement, but unfortunately was not as described on the Camelot auction listings, so he came to the rescue. He had back pain and visible muscle spasms. ERR had a section of spine digitally xrayed, everything looked good, and it was thought that an ill fitting saddle may have been the cause of the pain. We also xrayed his front feet and found he had a mild case of navicular. With proper farrier care, muscle relaxers and over a year to recover, he’s doing well. He was slowly worked back in to riding, and spent several weeks being reschooled. Winston does best when kept in a routine, where he has consistent work and lots of attention. Winston is fostered in Goshen.

Dillon – 6 y.o. spotted saddlebred pony cross. This cute paint pony has stunning blue eyes, and a new lease on life. He was sold for $60 because he was untrained and an intact stallion. Had his prior owners invested some time and attention to this pony, he may have found a private home and we would not have had to intervene on his behalf. We have had him castrated, dewormed and vaccinated. Dillon has been given a foster home in upstate NY; potential adopters please know he requires a special home with considerable time available to spend with him.

Chloe – 3 1/2 year old haflinger filly with one blue eye. Chloe came to us during a cruelty investigation by the Sullivan County Sheriffs Office in January 2009. She is a sweet horse, but very shy and would benefit from alot of one-on-one handling with a person she can learn to trust. She does lead, load and is learning to tie. Chloe was voluntarily transferred to the rescue so that we could find her a good home. *Update* 4/15/09 Chloe was taken to a local clinic, where she had her teeth and feet care for. UPDATE: August 2010, Chloe is still with us. She has progressed, but her emotional scars run deep. She has a profound inability to trust new people. She has been transferred in to 2 foster homes, and prefers a quiet private atmosphere with consistency. Chloe will remain with us, until a very special home can be found for her. UPDATE: 10/18/2011 Chloe has moved to Centerline Dressage, where Julie and Leslie for training. Thank you Julie and Leslie! Photo August 2013.

If you are interested in our horses, but cannot adopt, consider sponsoring! $150 will provide basic feed for one horse, for one month! Some of our horses are on supplements or have special needs. If you would like to help with a special need, please inquire.