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March 2017 – we assisted with a herd of 11 miniature horses, all of which were intact stallions and pregnant mares.  With the help of the Unwanted Horse Coalition, all horses have received veterinary care and vaccinations. Stallions have been castrated and mares have been safely placed.  Several are available for adoption.

ERR organized a Castration Day on Saturday, November 19th. Six rescued stallions, 2 from ERR and 4 from another local rescue, were gelded by Gardiner Animal Hospital. We wish to thank the wonderful staff at Gardiner Animal Hospital, as well as the volunteers who assisted. All horses are recoving well from their procedures. Thank you to the Unwanted Horse Coalitions “Operation Gelding” for funding $50 per stallion. This is an expensive endeavor and every little bit goes a long way to preventing over breeding. Sponsors are still needed to help with the cost of procedures, care and medications. All donations are tax deductible!


ERR welcomed two miniature stallions who had been rescued earlier this year from a hoarding situation in Pennsylvania. Calvin and Hobbs received rehabilitative care prior to their transfer, but still require vaccinations and castration.

ERR received an aged thoroughbred gelding from Ulster County, that was part of the Ulster County SPCA’s investigation back in February. Tigger was thin and in need of immediate dental care. Our veterinarian corrected the dental issues, which improved Tiggers ability to chew properly and he is gaining weight in leaps and bounds.
Miracle, a miniature horse that was mauled by dogs, arrived in to our care. A good samaritan saved her and brought her to an equine clinic where she had surgery and wound care. We assisted with the veterinary bills and are providing her with time and care to finish healing. Miracle will be available for adoption in the near future.
Castello, a retired show horse from Long Island, was abandoned at a boarding facility in upstate NY when his owner learned that he would no longer be able to perform 100%. As per NY Agriculture & Markets laws, abandoned horses are to be turned in to a humane organization, so ERR accepted him. He is in foster care while a disposition and long term plan is determined.

MARCH 2016
It must be the luck of the Irish, and Bella’s love of Shamrock shakes… she’s been adopted! This lucky little mule has moved on to greener pastures with a lovely family. Best wishes to all.

We were contacted by Ulster SPCA to assist with an older horse. We learned that the horse was a senior branded BLM mustang. We reached out to the Kaeli Kramer Foundation, who specializes in both senior and BLM horses and they had a spot for this sweet old soul. Thank you to USPCA for the outreach, ERR provided the transportation. If anyone would like to visit our friends at the Kaeli Kramer Foundation and lend support to their newest resident, I am sure they would really appreciate it.
We know…. equine does not mean feline, but…
We rescued a cat from Dutchess County. An owner passed away, leaving behind her two beloved pet cats. They lingered in the empty house for a long time, starving. When discovered, one had died. The survivor, who volunteers named Jeremey, needed a home, and fast, as the house was being taken by a bank. We were alerted to the situation, and it just so happened a local horse farm had asked us, as a horse rescue, do we know of any cat rescues. Why yes, we did. Jeremy is loving life again, and is slowly regaining strength and weight in his new home in Otisville, NY.

Shawangunk Ridge Forest Fire
On Monday, May 4, 2015 ERR was called upon to assist with the evacuation of 20 miniature horses from a Phillipsport farm ordered to evacuate. Volunteers transported a total of 14 horses to our facility in Pine Bush, where they were cared for until the fires were abated and the evacuation order was lifted. Thank you to all who helped us to help these horses.
Volunteers Step Up To Help Crews, Evacuees, Times Herald Record

Equine Rescue Resource Inc. assisted horses and horseman at Cedar Lane Stables, in cooperation with the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation during 2012 and 2013. We were deeply honored to be invited to their Urban Parks Service Awards & Graduation Ceremony on June 20, 2014. Our own Colleen Segarra and Sade Conway were presented with the Urban Park Service Award for their efforts. We wish to thank PEP Sgt. Robin Wickert, who received the Honorable Service Medal Award, for going above and beyond to reach out to the rescue community to ensure the long term welfare of New York City horses.

ERR attended the Investigating Animal Cruelty Workshop at the Orange County Sheriffs Office on May 20, 2014. It was educational and informative. Thank you to NYSHA, the OC District Attorney and the Orange County Sheriff for a great workshop.

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The rescue and our residents would like to thank all of our volunteers, adoptive homes, foster homes, supporters and friends. Without you, there would be no rescue. Without you, we would not be able to continue our life saving work. We are thankful, and grateful, for each and every one of you.


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We always have horses in need of a good home. Please consider adopting a horse from our organization. The adoption of one horse frees up our resources, so that we can be available to the next horse in need.